Friday, July 16, 2021



(Written 7-30-2015)

Whoever thought a 72 year old, white American male would be appalled at the thought of an innocent, unarmed creature being lured, even taunted into a gruesome, unnecessary shooting death by a white, armed hunter.

Well, I am, and I don't understand the reaction of the rest of the world. No, I really don't understand why everyone mourns a lion lured to its death to satisfy someone’s ego as I do, but not the death of seventeen year old Trevor Martin, also lured and taunted by an armed adversary he didn’t know was stalking him. 

Maybe if Cecil had been a black lion with a hoodie instead of the ordinary, King of the Jungle type, nobody would care, just like they don't care about Americans killing innocent, unarmed blacks daily as if it were a field day. I am appalled. I am really appalled.

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